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We are seeking volunteers to help us at IBO 2017!

This exciting event will take place at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK from Sunday 23rd July to Sunday 30th July 2017 and we need YOU to help us make it successful.

This is the first time the IBO has been held in the United Kingdom and as a volunteer you will be at the heart of making this event a success. No knowledge of biology is required, just a positive attitude and plenty of enthusiasm! Volunteering will provide you with the opportunity to meet some of the most talented young biologists in the world and will be a great addition to your CV. Most of all, the event will be a fun and memorable week and attending it is an experience not to be missed!


Volunteer applications for IBO 2017 are now closed


Volunteer Selection Policy

While the following criteria are not essential, in the instance that there are more applicants than volunteering positions available, the IBO organisers will give preference, in order, to applicants based on the following:

  1. Applications received before 31st January 2017. If we have filled all available volunteering positions by this deadline, we are unlikely to consider any applications received after this date.
  2. Availability: While we will be recruiting a number of day volunteers, the majority of our volunteers will be required to stay onsite at the University of Warwick for the duration of the week and we will therefore first consider applicants who are available over these dates.
  3. Past IBO: Due to the unique nature of IBO, our first choice will be applicants who have previously participated at IBO and who therefore have an understanding of how these events run and the importance of the role played by the volunteers.
  4. Proximity to the University of Warwick: We will be considering how far applicants would need to travel to get to the University of Warwick and may give preference to applicants who are closer to the event venue. This is for two reasons: firstly, we would like to provide individuals local to the area the opportunity to take part in this event and secondly, we would like to keep travel expenses to a minimum where possible.
  5. Languages: While most of our guests will have a good understanding of English, it would be advantageous to have volunteers with knowledge of additional languages to assist where there is a language barrier. We may therefore select applicants who have listed a second language before applicants who have not.
  6. Skills: We are looking for a small number of volunteers with skills in photography, media and press, and online content development and therefore may give preference to applicants with these specific skills.
  7. Warwick University student: IBO 2017 is being held in partnership with the University of Warwick and we would therefore like to give students of the university the opportunity to participate as volunteers.
  8. RSB member: The Royal Society of Biology is always looking to involve our members at our events. We may therefore consider applicants who are members of the RSB before non-members.